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Frequently Asked Questions
Error Process and version Issue Possible causes: Fix
I can't key the Cashdata authentication codes into the “access codes” area. Cashdata Setup \ access codes Cant key the access code in the authentication code data entry box There are files still open on the desktop Cashdata prohibits keying the access codes if there are files open on the desktop. Close all files. Menu items [Files | Close]
I can't see the Statement Balance data entry area in Cashdata Performing a bank reconciliation [Bank Rec | Perform Reconciliation] Can't see the data entry area to type in a statement balance Display fonts have been set to a setting other than “small fonts” as is required – refer installation instructions To set the display to “Small Fonts” select control panel , display and set fonts to “Small fonts” windows 98, and “ Normal ” “96dpi” for Windows XP
Restore could not be completed (28) Restoring from Backup   - all versions Cashdata has been unable to create folders or write to the hard drive. Hard Drive may be full or permission has not been given on the server for the creation of folders or saving of files Check hard drive status, recheck network permissions for user.
Dates in report selections appear as M/D/YY instead of D/M/YY ALL Dates not in Australian Date Format Operating System Regional Settings are incorrect To change regional settings. Select, [Start| Control Panel| Regions] select “English (Australian)” Note “Dates” setting should be now appear set at dd/mm/yy
File Code is in Use Opening A file in Cashdata [ FILE | Open] The file cannot be opened because another user is indicated as using the file – however this is not the case. Incorrect closedown of Cashdata may have occurred – or file transferred from a foreign Cashdata installation. Hold Ctrl Key Down and double left mouse click. The message “File Code “XXXXXX” is already Opened by User “ZZZZZZ” please check that “ZZZZZ” has finished working with the file before retrying” – and press the “retry” button 5 times and then press the “ignore” button.

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Interactive Workpapers
There are extensive changes to superannuation. Interactive Workpapers is rewritten every year to ensure you have compliant comprehensive workpapers and calculations for your SMSF funds.

Interactive Workpapers is the only SMSF product that comes with seven separate market valuation data bases prepared by our best practice experts to precisely match each ATO Annual Return Asset Investment classification. We do the research effort saving you hours of unnecessary professional research time. No other offering delivers tens of thousands of ASX and public unlisted trust year end pricing data specially classified for the professional preparer of SMSF compliance reports and for the investment price point.

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