Wednesday 14th April 2021
 Cashdata Business
Cashdata Business
Our innovative technology saves 60 to 70 percent of the time to complete compliance work compared to conventional systems

Save 50%-100% of time keying data entry

Save 50%-70% of time coding data entry (even higher for superannuation funds 70%-85%)
Save 100% of your time manually ticking bank reconciliations
.Save 100% of your accountant's time charge re-keying or converting your data
Save 50% on communications with your accountant.
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 Cashdata DIY Superannuation
for Trustees

Prepare your DIY SMSF superfund cash transactions in the exact form your accountant will most appreciate and continuously monitor the cash finances of your fund.

  • Save 100% of your accountant's time in keying and reconciling your superfund's cashbook data

There is no comparison with my previous software …
I no longer dread doing my quarterly BAS and I can just email it straight to my accountant and I am confident that it is accurate. I really like it….
I can ring up Cashdata helpline when I am using Cashdata and speak to a person and get instantaneous help and that's what I really love about it because I am not an accountant and I can get all my questions answered and help straight away. It's great!

Michael Byrne – Barrister Brisbane Qld

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Cashdata makes life easy for me.
I have been using it for over twelve years now, in three different businesses at the one time and it cuts my work time down to practically nothing.
Cashdata is so simple for me to use after I have been doing a hard days work each day.
I practically know exactly where I am each day of the week.
I have no problems doing my tax returns and BAS and bank reconciliations.

Ian Stevens – Ian Stevens Plumbing – Loganholme Qld

Watch the video here.
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