Tuesday 11th May 2021
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Our Innovative Technology saves 60 to 70 percent of the time to complete compliance work compared to the conventional systems of our competitors.
Save 100% of accountants time in re-keying / converting client data
Save 100% of your time in keying bank statements
Save 100% of your time (or your accountants) in performing bank reconciliations.
Save 50% -70% of your time in coding data entry (even higher for Superannuation Funds 70% - 85%)
Save 50% on Client /Accountant Communication
Save 70% of accountants review time and 80% of the time to correct client work
Save 95% of Accountants time keying ELS BAS Statements
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Ideal Year End Reference [For your Professional eLibrary] of Dividends, DRP's, and much more.
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INTERACTIVE WORKPAPERS 2020 was released 12th October 2020 and contains new or updated worksheets for carry forward unused concessional contributions cap.
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The ATO has confirmed that use of Interactive Workpapers satisfies Market Value requirements for the purposes of the the SMSF administrative penalties regime.
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ICAA -Microsoft Excel Awards

Cashdata has been recognised for its innovation and excellence by the profession's premier professional body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia , and technology industry giant Microsoft Corporation through the prestigious Institute of Chartered Accountants - Microsoft Excel Awards. Practitioner Technologies received the only "highly commended" award in the "small - medium" category during the early development of Cashdata.

Interactive Workpapers delivering to you, best practice compliant superannuation solutions.
Interactive Workpapers is part of our SMSF suite that interfaces to Cashdata DIY Professional. Produced annually, this product allows accountants and financial planners to prepare professional superannuation fund workpapers that is compatible to their accounting and taxation software.Professional users of accounting software product rely upon this innovative product. Practitioner Technologies are superannuation professionals, not just IT developers, having delivered trusted best practice compliant superannuation solutions to the market for the past 21 years.

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